Picking Up the Pieces

by Juno Award-Winning Singer
Brenda MacIntyre, Medicine Song Woman

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Earthy. Melodic. Enchanting. Healing.

Picking Up the Pieces Listening Station

In Memory of Brenda MacIntyre’s son Quinn Taylor, this album features 2 songs inspired by Quinn’s trap music. The songs on this album weave between indigenous hand drum singing and a fusion of the hand drummingreggaehip hop, funk and soul, with Brenda’s transformative vocals ranging from edgy soulful raw power to lilting healing softness.

Just like Brenda’s last 3 albums, this one was created in ceremony, infused with specific intentions and emotional and healing energy. The songs – a blend of funky roots reggae fusion and indigenous hand drum singing – are infused with medicine, stories and emotion to help people to feel love, connection and joy even alongside grief, chronic pain, identity crisis or trauma.

The album is about all of what grief brings: the messiness, shock, pain, anger, sadness, love that has nowhere to go – acknowledging all of the emotions and experience – and giving yourself permission to also have joy, laughter, fun and come back to life when you’re ready, piece by piece, moment by moment, to see what’s on the other side of life after loss. I’m not trying to say “it gets better over time” or to “move on with your life” (hell NO) but rather that you can hold space for all of it, and gradually feel more and more of the good feelings. Picking Up the Pieces is about literally falling apart and then picking up the pieces of you and your life one piece at a time, choosing where to fit them now, which ones to pick up, which ones to leave behind, which pieces of you need support and extra love.

Album Release Date: HOT OFF THE PRESSES! RELEASED Friday September 13, 2019, just before the Harvest Moon. 13 songs. 13 moons. Friday the 13, my personal lucky day!


  • Produced & Arranged by Errol Starr Francis, Juno Award-Winning Singer-Songwriter and Producer, with 3 singles that reached the Top 25 in Canada.
  • Lead Vocals, Songwriting and Hand Drumming by Brenda MacIntyre aka Medicine Song Woman, Juno Award-winning singer, who has also been nominated for a Canadian Reggae Music Award, Canadian Independent Music Award, Canadian Folk Music Award and Indigenous Music Award.
  • Bass by 6-time Canadian Reggae Music Award Winner Linford (LA) Allen (Marcia Griffiths, John Holt, Freddy McGregor, Rita Marley and other reggae greats)
  • Drums (drum kit) by Juno Award Winner Odel Johnson (Messenjah, Sly & Robbie, Dennis Brown, Scientist, other reggae greats)
  • Guitar by Juno Award-winner Carl Harvey (Messenjah), Tim Stokes-Rees (Cyndi Lauper, Teenage Head) and Juno Award Winner Errol Starr Francis
  • Saxophone and Flute by Isax InJah, legendary internationally renowned reggae and jazz sax player! (Sly & Robbie, Etana, Dennis Brown, Morgan Heritage, other reggae greats)
  • All of my reggae musicians have played for many reggae greats, like Marcia Griffiths, Sly & Robbie and Dennis Brown.
  • Hand Drumming and Spoken Word Backup by Bryden Gwiss, shortlisted for the Juno Award for Indigenous Music Album of the Year at the Juno Awards of 2017 and nominated for the Best Hand Drum Album of the year at the 2017 Indigenous Music Awards.
  • Big Drum by Cree and Métis Healer/Counsellor, Heather Clear Wind


7 Indigenous Roots Reggae Healing Songs with a little Funk & R&B: Before Brenda became an internationally renowned indigenous hand drum singer, she was a Juno award-winning conscious reggae/rap/R&B singer in the 80’s and 90’s. This album brings back that vibe, while honouring Brenda’s Anishnaabe culture. All of the reggae/funk/R&B songs include some Anishnaabemowin (Ojibwe language) lyrics, translated by Maanii Taylor of Curve Lake First Nation.

6 Hand Drum Healing Songs, including Brenda’s most popular hand drum song “Healing Song” that she channelled for her son Quinn when he was 14. This song is sung by hand drummers and drum groups across North America. Now it will be featured on this album, along with 5 other new original hand drumming songs.

As always, you will receive a downloadable e-book with the lyrics and teachings of all the songs.

You can be a part of making this album! I’ll be asking YOU FIRST for feedback along the way. I mean, I’m making this album for YOU, so of course your voice matters here!

If you order 10 or more copies, you’ll get one more for FREE. Contact us to get special bulk pricing for 10 or more.

Great gift for hand drum singers, reggae lovers, your clients, people who are hurting, and anyone who wants to make a difference in the world.

The music can help you with:

  • Grief
  • Chronic Pain
  • Spiritual Connection
  • Grounding
  • Energy and Expansion
  • Healing
  • Emotional Release

Did you watch the video yet? My son Quinn is in the video (yes, from the Spirit World!). That Himalayan salt lamp he bought me keeps flashing throughout the video and guess what? It NEVER flashes except when I’m talking about my son. We even tested it, pushing the table it’s on, messing with the cord, whatever. It doesn’t flash. But I had asked Quinn to make it flash for the video and there you go. In the studio, we had unexplained lights flashing so intensely and so much at one point that we were all looking around trying to figure out where the lights were even coming from, and nobody could figure it out. Then I knew. My son has been making lights flash very obviously (even to the beat sometimes) ever since he left the planet. His beautiful energy is embedded into this album.

P.S. At the end of the video are 2 clips of my musicians, producer and I in the recording studio, so you can hear some of the indigenous reggae from the album.

My god Brenda, this is awesome. I love your voice, so powerful, strong and so beautiful. I can’t wait to hear more.

Brad Larson

I first saw you at the Roots & Blues Festival in Salmon Arm BC. You changed my life and allowed me to find my own spirit songs. Thank you so much. I have one of your CDs and it is incredible.

Therese Dorer

Many thanks. You are gifted with music, medicine and magic.

Shelagh Rogers

CBC (MC of the 2010 Canadian Folk Music Awards)

Brenda’s singing is simply amazing. Of course I expected a beautiful voice from her, but what completely surprised and moved me was the profound emotion that her singing evokes.

Before I listened to Brenda’s singing, I never considered the simple, but mighty power of sound. It never occurred to me that love and connection could be carried through someone’s voice, and yet, that’s exactly what happened the first time I heard Brenda.

The first time I was on one of her calls and she started singing a channeled song, I immediately felt more at peace and comforted. After a few minutes, I felt a much deeper relaxation, like I’d been meditating for an hour.

It’s as if all of her love and compassion for the world gets transmitted through her voice and the phone lines. And every call with her is that way.

It’s wonderful to know that I have Brenda’s powerful voice at my fingertips to help me get calm and centered when I’m stressed or worried.

Diane Whiddon

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