This might be my favourite song on the whole album, Living Past the Limits. You can briefly see a flashing light, which I know was my son Quinn’s doing. There was no possible light source but everyone could see a light flashing super bright over and over for a few minutes during this song. I also spotted a green orb flitting around in the video. On the left is LA Allen, my bass player. In the middle, Sam Weller, the owner of SLAMM Studio. The dancing dude is my producer, Errol Starr Francis.

We’re celebrating finishing up drums and bass for Living Past the Limits. Same people you saw in the first video but Odel Johnson, my drummer, walks out so you get to meet him too.

Drums (Odel) and bass (LA) are going down at SLAMM Studio. Errol is conducting and dancing as usual.

Errol conducting the bass and drums again, for my song Everything I Need. You can’t really see the drummer, Odel, because he’s in the sound booth.

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