I love this one. It’s like I’m coming from the Light. It was a sunny day so I kept taking sunlight breaks. Errol’s great at taking selfies.

Selfie fun at SLAMM Studio with me and my producer Errol Starr Francis.

Haha look closely… and you’ll see my drummer Odel Johnson having a little fun in the sound booth.

Drummer Odel Johnson and bass player LA Allen deep into the music, listening back to the magic they just laid down in the studio.

My producer Errol Starr Francis soaking up the vibes of legendary reggae sax and flute player iSax from Jamacia. We got him for 4 hours in the studio, which is quite a feat when he’s up in Toronto. Way back in the early 90’s I used to sing for a reggae band iSax was in. Amazing to have him on this project.

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